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Furniture spare parts helpline

When building a piece of flat packed furniture nothing is more annoying than having a missing component or broken piece. This results in a half assembled piece of furniture that cannot be built until the spare part is received.

Some retailers offer an entire replacement product but this leaves the customer with two pieces of furniture when they only need one or the retailer with a large collection bill.

Why replace the entire product when only one component is needed? A more efficient, cost effective and customer friendly way is to allow a customer to request a missing part and have it despatched quickly to reduce the inconvenience as much as possible.

Our service is designed so that when this situation does arrive, the replacement part is usually delivered to the customer the next working day.

The service supports flat packed (KD) products from a number of large retailers and manufacturers. We can supply spares for any self assembly product or component based product for which it is economically viable to ship a spare.

Already our customers are seeing significant savings from using the Spare parts service. Why don't you see if we can benefit your business?