3 Piece Deeper Drawer Box Assembly – Bottom Mounted Runners [video]

11. 3 Piece Deeper Drawer Box Assembly – Bottom Mounted Runners
Use this video in conjunction with your Assembly Instructions as product may vary

Layout all the relevant drawer parts in front of you on the carton.
Note that each drawer is made up from a left and right hand side panel.

Check the assembly instructions as some units have more than one drawer height.
Note that the wooden dowels are already pre-inserted into the drawer sides.

Insert the push-in CAM barrel into the relevant holes on the drawer sides ensuring the arrow of the CAM barrel points as shown.
Insert the CAM barrel into all relevant holes.

Take the push-in CAM pin and firmly push it all the way into the ‘edge’ hole, as shown. Do not turn the cam barrel at this point.
Repeat the process for the other cam pins.

Take a drawer side and line up with the appropriate holes.
Push the drawer side onto the front panel until it fits flush.
Tighten the push-in CAM barrel in a clockwise direction.

Turn the arrow on the CAM barrel to the 2 o’clock position in order to lock the panels together.
Repeat the process for both side panels.

Take care to ensure that the grooves line up ready for the drawer base panel.
Carefully slide the base panel down the end panel grooves.

Ensure that the base drops fully into the groove on the drawer front and that the base panel is in the correct orientation.
Place the back panel onto the base, making sure it engages into the groove.
Turn the drawer over as shown.

Ensure the holes are aligned and carefully knock in the plastic nails with a hammer.
Ensure the plastic nails are fully inserted.

Turn over the drawer box and repeat the process with the other side.
Using a tape measure, check the assembled drawer box is square.
Measure both diagonals as shown. Both should be the same.

If adjustment is needed tap the drawer box and re-measure.
Take the metal drawer box brace. Note that there are two fixings required.

Hook the brace over the drawer back as shown and position centrally.
Fix the brace as shown at the back and front of the drawer box.

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