Why Click Spares?

Because we’ve been doing this for quite a while and have developed a system that works. Because you will save a substantial amount of revenue by being able to quickly send your customers spare-parts, and not replace entire products.

Because you will turn disgruntled, unhappy customers into satisfied, happy ones. Because you will be able to quickly identify any product quality issues. Because we have an intuitive IT interface, with bespoke software created specifically to solve the problem.

Because you can feel confident and relaxed that this is being dealt with, and it’s not something you, or your staff, have to deal with.

Case Studies

Our Warehouse

It runs like a well-oiled machine, and has a great deal of bespoke software smoothly controlling everything that happens.

Aside from that, some numbers, which we hope you’ll be reassured by.

  • 30,000 square-feet of space.
  • 8,000 picking bins.
  • 500 pallet slots.
  • 1,300 picking shelves.
  • over 100,000 products managed, of which there are 1,000,000 product-part combinations.

And some even more interesting numbers.
Despatching an average of 100 spares per week can mean an annual cost saving of around £450,000 to a client.


Bruce Hartley

Managing Director

Leanne Stevens

Customer Service Manager

Ian Palmer

Supplier Orders and Logistics

Click Spares Team


  • What products can you support for spares?

    The bulk of our work is with flat-pack furniture spares.  However, we do also stock spare parts for crockery, outdoor seasonal furniture, barbeques and bikes.

    We are happy to discuss stocking any type of spare part for any product where the customer might reasonably expect a spare part to be available.

  • Can you integrate with out existing IT systems?

    We have a very flexible internal IT department, they have integrated with various retailer systems and can usually work quickly to make life easy for your staff.