Spare Parts Shouldn’t Drive You Spare

So we’re agreed: identifying, sourcing and despatching spare-parts is a time-consuming, labour-intensive and disproportionately expensive business.

Fortunately, we’ve been storing and despatching spare-parts since 2001, and over that time have developed a fast and efficient solution.
We have many satisfied clients, and as a result, our clients have many satisfied customers.

We work hard to keep improving and innovating.


Ahead of catalogue or season launch our clients send us a list of products, PDF assembly instructions and sales estimates of the products they’d like us to support.
We support a large quantity of flat-pack furniture, but also many other types of product.

Between us we decide which spares will need stocking. For flat-pack furniture it could be hardware packs (Fixtures and fittings), small parts, or everything.
For other types of product we can discuss the appropriate parts to stock.

We order the parts, either through our clients, or directly from the factories. All parts are allocated a dedicated picking location in our warehouse, and logged through our own bespoke inventory system.

When the orders for spares come in, which can be from a client or a client’s customer, we are primed ready to quickly fulfil them.

Parts can be ordered online, by either our client’s contact centre, or sometimes the end customer. We can also receive orders by phone, fax, email – even letter!

At our end the parts are picked, packed in the most appropriate packaging, we decide whether it’s blue foam edging, bubble wrap, or corrugated cardboard. Perhaps all of them, whichever will prevent damage in transit, then they’re despatched.

The entire process is IT driven, with up to the minute hardware and bespoke software created by us. Interfaces seen by customers and clients are straightforward and intuitive.

We do our best to cover all bases to provide every conceivable service to help our clients and their customers.

Briefly, here are some other ways we can help.