Rapid recalls, rectifying and replacements

It’s not so much an inconvenience, more a nightmare, but it happens.

Products go wrong, sometimes dangerously so, and that’s when we, and our systems, are thoroughly tested.

But we’ve been there before (quite a few times, actually) and know exactly what to do.

How does it work?

Very quickly, is the short answer. We jump on it immediately, working with you to identify the quickest way to despatch what’s needed to your customers.

When a safety or malfunction issue is identified, either with a customer incident or with product testing, our client is in touch with us instantly. The client notifies their customers through email, and sometimes runs an ad in newspapers.

The product-recall problem and how to resolve it is explained, with a URL directing customers to us in the case of a print ad, or a link in the case of an email.

We set up a dedicated order webpage for customers, sometimes within hours, and despatch the part and fitting instructions on receipt of orders being placed.

We have the experience to provide a product recall service that will resolve your customers safety issues quickly and effectively.