Fitting Bottom Mounted Runners [video]

12. Fixing Bottom Mounted Runners to the Carcase and Standard Drawer Box
Use this video in conjunction with your Assembly Instructions as product may vary

Fixing bottom mounted runners to the carcase and drawer box.

Layout the bottom mounted runner set supplied.

Place the carcase runners aside for later in the video.

Identify the left and right drawer runner making sure that the wheel is located at the back of the drawer box as shown.

The highlighted flanges help to locate the runner on the drawer side.

Place the drawer runner onto the drawer box and slide up to the back of the drawer front.

Fix the runner at the front and back as shown.

Repeat the process for the other drawer runner.

Lay a left and right hand panel on the carton in front of you, ensuring that the bottom edge of each panel is closest to you.

Identify the front edge of the panels and place these to face one another in the preparation for fixing the carcase runners.

Identify the left and right carcase runner.

Ensure that the wheel is positioned at the front of the end panel as shown. The wheel should be at the bottom of the runner.

Identify the left and right carcase runner.

Positon your carcase runners over the appropriate holes and fix the runner to the end panel.

Repeat the process on the remaining fixings.

Fix the front of the runner. Take care fixing as this hole is not pre-drilled.

Repeat the process for the other runners.

Angle the assembled drawer box into the unit as shown. Ensure that the wheels engage in the track of the carcase runner.

Repeat with the remaining drawers.

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