Preparation For Flat Pack Assembly [video]

01. How to Open the Box and Initial Preparation for Flat Pack Assembly
Use this video in conjunction with your Assembly Instructions as product may vary

Opening The Carton – Do not use any sharp implements to open the carton, as you may scratch the contents.

Remove Assembly instructions from carton, ensuring you read it thoroughly before starting to build.
It is worth keeping it safe afterwards for future reference.

Check Carton Weight – if it exceeds 25Kgs, ask someone to help you.

Make sure you have enough space to layout the parts before starting.
If possible build the unit close to the final position.

Remove contents from carton.  Aim to layout all parts in an orderly fashion where space allows.
Make sure you check contents ensuring everything is present.

We do not recommend using power tools, as these may damage the product.  Refer to the tools required in the assembly instructions.

We recommend that you build the unit on the empty carton to protect the product and the floor.  Before you start, remove the tabs from the carton so the staples do not damage the unit.

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You can download Argos assembly instructions from: