A history of Click Spares and Argos

Back in 2014 Argos were given an overview of the Click Spares Parts Order Management System which we were advised was replaced by the current system supplied by another provider some years previous. Upon being shown the Click system we immediately set about project managing the re-deployment of the improved Click Spares system across the Home Retail Group, which included:

  • Argos
  • Homebase
  • Habitat

and which would be rolled out across:

  • Contact centres
  • Stores
  • Suppliers
  • Integrated with a customer facing Argos Support website

We first launched the system within a trial team in contact centre, measuring their performance stats and conducting regular feedback sessions with them in order to iron out any niggles before roll out across the rest of the business.

Customer Benefits Example
The player below plays a customer call from the trial team which outlines just one of the benefits of the system. This was a customer in desperate need of an instruction manual to complete the build of her new item. On the current system the order would have been submitted to the supplier and sent out 24 hours later. With the Click Spares system this was sent to the customer electronically whilst the customer was on the call. As you will hear, the customer was very satisfied having initially feeling frustrated.

Business Benefits of Click Spares

The decision to move the spares order management to Click Spares was an easy one as Click are really passionate about spares and providing intelligent management information.

  • 3rd Party Supplier Management – Click Spares will pick up the 3rd Party Supplier Administration
  • Cat Launch – Click Spares will work with the 3rd parties to load the new Cat Data in time
  • Performance management – Click Spares will monitor and report on supplier performance
  • Increase usage across suppliers – Click Spares will endeavour to bring more suppliers & product categories on board to help reduce unnecessary returns
  • Useful Data Capture – Click Spares system will record searches for cat numbers not listed or parts requested that are not listed. This helps to identify gaps in supported products.
  • Working with HRG – Click Spares will identify business issues like batch faults, unclear instructions, poor packaging and frequently damaged/missing parts
  • Postcode Lookup – not only is it included in the annual costs, but it’s not impacted by our firewalls in stores which affected the old system.
  • Duplicate Order warning – safeguard measures in place to prevent a customer from making multiple calls and generating multiple orders of our free spares.

Advisor/Customer Benefits of Click Spares 

  • Quicker System – improved advisor call handling time due to a quicker system
  • Clear traffic light system showing live stock availability
  • One parts list per product regardless of catalogue edition
  • Advisors can search under package cat number and / or component number
  • Ability to view instructions online and instantly email a customer a copy
  • Full order tracking via the Click Spares system & email confirmation sent to customer – this reduces the need for customers calling up to chase spares meaning that call volume into the contact centres is reduced.

All of the above really helped to increase advisor confidence in the spares function. If we are confident we are offering the customer the most accurate information then this means the customer can make an informed decision and ensure they receive the most timely resolution first time.


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